P90X3 Schedules- Each One Explained

p90x3 schedules overview

There are 5 different schedules to choose from in P90X3. Below we outline all 5 and discuss the differences of each.

Classic Schedule p90x3 schedules overview

For total body fitness, Classic the the program of choice. Its traditional balance of cardio and resistance, along with the standard Muscle Confusing perks associated with the P90X system, will help you gain muscle, lose fat, and move better than you have since you were a kid.

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Lean Schedule

The Lean rotation is designed for those who prefer a more toned look. It’s not necessarily better for weight loss. Both Lean and Classic can work equally well. But instead of muscular hypertrophy you’ll target functionality, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness. You’ll still gain some muscle, you’ll still lose fat, and you’ll still get strong; you’ll just stay lean.

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Mass Schedule

For those loking to bulk over getting riped, Mass is your schedule. Because it’s not the goal of most people using P90X3, it requires a little more information then other plans. First off, you’ll have to eat. A lot. Gaining muscle takes calories, probably more than you’re used to. You can use the P90X3 nutrition guide. You’ll just be calculating for gain instead of loss. It’s also important th

P90X3 Base Kit

at you do the resistance workouts with some forethought. You want to stay in the hypertrophy ( or muscle growth) range during as many resistance sets as possible. Depending on how fast you go, 6 to 15 reps is what you’re after during each set, with the goal of maximizing time under tension. For best results, you should slow each r

ep down, focus on form, use all the weight you can safely handle, and minimize the rest between sets.

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Doubles is another niche rotation. It wont be appropriate for all of you, and eberyone interested should complete 90 days of P90X3 first. More is not necessarily merrier when it comes to exercise. Without a proper base, Doubles will break you down beyond your body’s ability to recover. With that warning, it can help to accelerate both fitness gains and weight loss for those who are ready for it.

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