P90x3 Workouts 1 Through 7

The Workouts- Introductionp90x workouts

The unique variety of workouts you’ll find in P90X3 are not just to keep you from getting bored. They are an integral part of the science. From an almost endless pool of possibilities, the various “modalities” chosen become part of the Muscle Acceleration system were rigorously screened for not only individual effectiveness, but for how they integrate with each other and for how they progressively overload your system to force adaptation over the course of 90 days.

List and Explanation of all the P90X3 Workouts

Total Synergistics- Full Review Here

A full body resistance workout featuring compound movements, which utilize multiple muscle groups in every exercise. With compound movements, the increased force to the body stimulates the body’s natural ability to produce preformance-enhancing hormones, such as testosterone. These hormonal cascades, as they’re called, trigger powerful metabolic changes and are one of the fastest ways to change your body composition.

Agility X

A full body workout requires floor targets to dictate movements, Agility X uses both aerobic and anaerobic energy, focusing on precision, power, flexibility, balance, and strength. As opposed to traditional cardio workouts, these targeted movements force explosion, deceleration, and proprioceptive adaptations, the sum result being an increased ability to move effortlessly for extended periods of time.

X3 Yoga

X3 Yoga compresses thousands of years of teaching into 30 intense minutes, improving your musculoskeletal flexibility, balance, stamina, body awareness, and core strength. This flow-style practice, taking elements from Ashtanga, Hatha, and others, is perfect for filing the gaps in your fitness that other workouts cannot address.


Not your mothers cardio workout, CVX combines resistance with intervals in order to increase the impact across every energy system. You’ll stress everything from power and anerobic endurance to aerobic endurance. You’ll also strengthen your core. CVX provides a full-body burn.

The Warrior

The Warrior is a total-body workout, free of equipment, based on Tony’s 10+ years of working with the U.S. Armed Forces. You’ll circuit upper-and lower body resistance with core and cardio work, essentially touching on every area of fitness in one workout-and it’s all been honed into an uber-intense 30 minute blast. When you need a one size-fits all workout that can be done anytime, anywhere, this is your drill.


A strong foundation is essential for overall fitness, so Isometrix combines isometric contraction with instability to make your core rock solid. Isometric contractions occur when the muscle neither shortens nor lengthens and the joint angle does not change, building the static strength. Adding instability to the mix requires your body to fire its stabilizing muscles. When training these two simultaneously, you create an unshakable platform to work off, heightening the affects of movement training that you’ll target in other workouts.