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The Problem With Beach Body Products- Their Dark Secret Revealed

BeachBody is a well known weight loss and fitness company, specializing in at home DVD series for men and women. Recently, we were approached by another fitness blogger about “joining the BeachBody team” by becoming a “BeachBody coach.” Apparently, small fortunes can be made by peddling BeachBody products to your readers and this coach wanted […]

Discover How Alistair Overeem Got Jacked

Alistair Overeem has a Strikeforce Heavyweight champion title to his name. He is a popular UFC fighter and when you take one look at his body, it becomes instantly clear as to why he’s such a great fighter. It was rumored that Alistair, at one point in his career, packed on an incredible 40 pounds […]

What is PiYo? Check Out The Workouts and Exercises Here


“I wanted to create a super effective program that everyone could do-that would still deliver real results. I took the best moves from Pilates and Yoga, and turned up the pace to give you the hardcore definition, intense calorie burn, and allover strength you’d get from extreme programs-without jumps, without weight, and without destroying your […]

Why BeachBody Programs Are A Waste of Money

Don’t get us wrong, we like the BeachBody programs, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a huge waste of money. Here is a staggering fact leaked by BeachBody themselves, 93% of people who bought p90x didn’t finish the program. WHAT!? Does that really surprise you? It didn’t surprise us. In fact, we we’re part […]

P90X3 Workouts- Dynamix Explanation

P90X3 Dynamix

The Dynamix workout is one of the foundations of P90X3. Dynamix If you can’t move right, you can’t play right. Dynamix focuses on using your muscles, connective tissue, and joint function in symbolic actions to actively increase range of motion, flexibility, and stabilization. When worked in harmony, these systems are your keys to free and […]

P90X3 Mass Schedule

P90X3 Mass Calendar

Mass Schedule For those loking to bulk over getting riped, Mass is your schedule. Because it’s not the goal of most people using P90X3, it requires a little more information then other plans. First off, you’ll have to eat. A lot. Gaining muscle takes calories, probably more than you’re used to. You can use the […]