The Problem With Beach Body Products- Their Dark Secret Revealed

BeachBody is a well known weight loss and fitness company, specializing in at home DVD series for men and women. Recently, we were approached by another fitness blogger about “joining the BeachBody team” by becoming a “BeachBody coach.” Apparently, small fortunes can be made by peddling BeachBody products to your readers and this coach wanted us to join him in doing so.

Naturally, we were intrigued so we checked out the opportunity. What we found shocked and disgusted us.

The first thing we found out is was that to become a coach, you had to pay a membership fee. Red flag alert. So, in order to have the pleasure of pushing BeachBody products down our reader’s throats, we would have to pay a $49.99 sign up fee, and then $15/month thereafter. Wow.

“We’ll maybe the price of joining is worth it” I thought. You must get a huge commission when you sell their stuff. After all, their products are super expensive anyway. Right? Wrong. The coach commission is a meager 15% of the sale price. Anybody with an internet connection get’s 10% from BeachBody regardless of being a coach or not. Weird.

So, what’s the real draw? Why are people doing this?

The answer, is what we always thought it was. What it looked like to from beginning. A pyramid scheme. Turns out BeachBody coaches have one goal, to get other people to become BeachBody coaches. In return, each coach they sucker into becoming a member gets put into their “downline.” From there they make commission of everybody they sign up. An so on and so forth.

Anyway, it made us pretty angry.