The Adonis Golden Ration System, Why It Works for Men

 Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Full System Exposed


Firstly I just wanted to point out what the “Adonis Golden Ratio” is and what it means; simply put the Adonis Golden Ratio is the shape of the male body. It is all to do with the right proportions, waist size compared to the shoulder size.


Firstly I just wanted to point out what the “Adonis Golden Ratio” is and what it means; simply put the Adonis Golden Ratio is the shape of the male body. It is all to do with the right proportions, waist size compared to the shoulder size.

“Adonis Golden Ratio” is the ratio of your waist circumference compared to your shoulders. These measurements determine weather you have the Adonis Golden Ratio Factor or not.

Adonis Golden RatioSo why is this important? Basically the Adonis Golden Ratio concept has been programmed into us from the beginning of time which separates the attractive from the non-attractive subconsciously.

To achieve the PHYSIQUE is to have the Adonis golden ratio and to have the Adonis golden ratio means not only you will perform better at sports but you will be more attractive and irresistible to women.

So How Do We Achieve the Adonis Golden Ratio Effect?

The first step to achieve the Adonis golden ratio physique is drive, you need something to motivate you, for me was to be more attractive to women… Next you want to find the RIGHT training information to follow, then you need to implement the that information.

The RIGHT Training Program?

Leading fitness experts John Barban them and Kyle Leon both specialize in nutritional supplementation and muscle building breakthroughs. They together have developed a scientifically proven formula to transform the male body from average to ultimately astonishingly irresistible to women. This system “Adonis Golden Ratio” will have you as ripped as anything in 90 days or less.

Watch this free video to explain more.

Adonis Golden Ratio Creators

This lucrative system will give anybody the body shape women cannot resist as long as they stick with the program. The Success Rate is 97.5%!! The Adonis Golden Ratio was very fittingly named after the Greek demigod of beauty and desire.


My Personal Adonis Golden Ratio Review!

If you think that this is like any other system out there on the marketplace you are totally wrong, this is like nothing you have ever seen before!

The two guys who created the Adonis golden ratio have put in the extra effort to provide only proven techniques and tactics to the table where they share the exact blueprint to hack their inbuilt DNA and achieve the ultimate physique having you standing out from the crowd and women approaching YOU on a daily basis.

The Adonis Golden Ratimg2io System is FOOL-PROOF.

I went from having a quite large waist and no one noticing me to now having the golden ratio and now I am always catching HOT chicks checking me out! It’s insane!

The entire program was built around creating superior body proportions, there are no excuses!! Every man on this planet has the exact genetic code inhabited with him that has the power to release the Adonis golden ratio of the tapered look that women are drawn to and go crazy about.

This particular genetic code that is being built into us from day one is about to be unblocked by this one particular program, customized for you to achieve this exact physique through a remarkable workout plan and nutrition guide.



What should you expect from the Adonis Golden Ratio System!?

With the Adonis golden ratio your fitness potential will be unleashed and you will be able to obtain mesmerizing attractiveness. Just knowing this system will arm you with the best information you will ever receive when it comes to achieving the ultimate physique.

All you have to do is follow the customized work out plan and the customized nutrition plan! After a few short weeks you will already be 10x more attractive to women then when you first started.

What’s Included?


First after you purchase the Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program, you’ll calculate your Adonis index. To see if you have or how far you are off having the Adonis Golden Ratio… John’s powerful software will determine the right program for you based on your personal needs.

In the Adonis Training guide, you’ll discover:

  • A weird but powerful trick that triggers your body to produce more growth hormone (creating rapid muscle growth and dramatic fat loss)
  • Which specific exercises to NEVER do
  • 78 advanced exercise instructional video lessons


Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Program

The Golden Ratio Nutritional Software customizes your nutrition to your Adonis Index and does everything for you so you’re putting in your body exactly what you need at the right times without NO mistake.

Your entire diet will be customized to you based on your accurately calculated Adonis index, causing rapid lean muscle gain and effective fat loss.

Adonis Golden Ratio Supplementation


John is the expert when it comes to supplements. When the biggest supplement brands in the world need new formulas, they call John.

Considering supplements are NOT necessary or required with this program what so ever makes it interesting. This really speaks for John’s integrity. Even with being a supplement guy, he’s not even the slightest bit drawn to selling you supplements.

He does, on the other hand, place a few tips about the few nutritional supplements that really can really help (and describes how they could be used to accelerate your results).

Bonus 1: The Adonis Abs and Arms Assault

This is a 4 week program that teaches you advanced muscle-building techniques that ignite inches of lean muscle mass growth to your arms which chiseling out razor sharp abs.

Bonus 2: Adonis Unlimited Upgrades

John’s a scientist and he’s continuously upgrading his formulas and theories. With unlimited improvements, you’ll be the first person to hear (and get access to) any of John’s discoveries, at no cost.

Bonus 3: 7 Days Out (from Kyle Leon)

This bonus is from best-selling author and world-renowned fitness expert Kyle Leon.

7 Days Out shows you how to look 10-20 pounds more muscular AND 10-20 pounds leaner inside of a week.

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Adonis Golden Ratio System To Get Ripped Fast