P90X vs P90X3, Do I need to do both?

p90x vs p90x3

P90X vs P90X3


With the emergence of Tony Hortons new workout program P90X3, many people are wondering if they need to start with the original workout P90X. In short, the answer is NO. The two workouts are very different. Both will get you amazing results, the major difference is the time commitment of the workouts and what physical shape you are in now. Lets take a closer look at all the workouts including P90X2.


 P90x OverviewP90x vs P90x3

The P90x workouts were designed with one thing in mind, to kick your butt into shape. Using these workout routines along with the diet plan, literally forced your body to shed weight and pack on muscle. However, there was one major downfall. The length of the workouts are excruciating. The shortest workout in P90X is 60 minutes, most workouts add on a 17 minute ab routine, or a 19 minute yoga-x session. Ugh. This is just to time consuming for most people to make a real commitment to, and hence why so many people failed to complete the workout program.



P90X2 OverviewP90x2 vs P90x3

P90x2 is not a beginners course. It was designed for people who already graduated from the original P90X program. If you were just starting to get fit,  there was no way you would be able to make it through P90X2, it is just to hard. The workouts were shortened in P90X2 but the intensity was kicked up a notch (if you can believe that!).


P90X3, The Best of Both Worlds


p90x3 Diet


People fell in love with P90X. There was only one problem. The commitment to the sometimes 90 minutes of excruciating exercises. Tony decided to take the feedback he received from P90X and create a shortened workout program that people could really commit to, and not have any excuses.

Do shortened workouts mean less results?

NO WAY! In fact, new science has proven that the most results you get from workouts actually happen in the first 30 minutes. Everything else is basically over kill. Taking this into account, P90x3 was created.

Do I have to do P90X before P90X3?

Just glancing at the workout names, it’s easy think that they need to be done in chronological order. However this could not be further from the truth. In fact, if you are just starting out we recommend that you do P90X3 FIRST! Do not even think about P90X2 if your a beginner, and if you are already in decent shape and want to become the next muscle man super model, go for the original P90X!



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