P90X3 Workouts – Total Synergistics

Total Synergistics Sneak Peak Video

There are a total of 16 exercises in the Total Synergistics routine of P90X3. All of the 16 exercises are described below.


1.) Push-Up/Side Arm Balance
[10 each side, altering | No equipment]

In a plank postion, bend your elbows, lowering your chest toward the floor. Extend both elbows, lift your right hand toward the ceiling and open your body toward the right. Place your hand on the floor and repeat.

2.) Crescent Chair [10 each side | No equipment]

With your feet and knees together in chair, extend one leg behind you in a lunge. Step your foot back into a chair position, and repeat on the opposite side.

3.) Pull Knee Pull [10 total | Chin-Up Bar/Chin-Up Max (optional) or resistance bands]P90X3 total synergistics

Holding on to the Chin-Up Bar, with your palms facing away from you, bring your chest to the bar. At your highest point, pull your knees toward your chest, curling your torso in. Extend everything and repeat.

4.) Flip Flop Crunch [6-8 each side | No equipment]

In a forearm side plank, extend yout top arm out over your ear and pull your top arm to your top knee, in front of your torso. Extend back to straight and turn your body to the opposite side.

5.) Crawly Plyo Push-Ups [ 12-20 total | No equipment]

In a low plank, with your torso hovering above the floor, bring your right knee and elbow together and explode off the ground, switching your knee and elbow in the air.

6.) Releve-Plie, Weighted [ 10 total | 1 heavy dumbbell]

Ina wide stance, with your feet externally rotated and your heels off the ground, lowe your glutes down to knee level, pause, and then extend a few inches, never straightening your legs.

7.) Chin-Up Circle Crunch [ 10 total | Chin-Up Bar/Chin Up Max (optional) or resistance bands]

Holding the Chin-Up Bar with your palms toward you, perform a chin-up, then circle your knees up and around to the right. Extend your elbows and lower your body toward the ground.

8.) Boat Plow [ 10 total | No Equipment]

On your tailbone, extend your legs off the ground at 45 degrees. Rock back on to your shoulder blades and bring back your legs overhead into plow, with your hands on the ground under you. Rock back to boat.

9.) Balance Arch Press [10 each side | 1 dumbbell]

Begin balanced on one leg, holding a dumbbell at your right shoulder. Press the weight up and overhead, creating an arc from shoulder to shoulder. Switch legs after 10.

10.) 3 Hop Press [ 10 tota sets | 1 dumbbell]

Begin in a squat position, holding a dumbbell at chest level. Perform 3 hop squats to the right, then extend both arms in an overhead press while preforming an outside knee lift.

11.) Glamour Hammer [ 10 each set, each side | 2 dumbbells]

On one leg, with a dumbbell in each hand and palms facing one another, curl both dumbbells up toward your shoulders. Lower both weights, externally rotate both forearms, and repeat the hammer curl toward your shoulders.

12.) Branon Boat [ 16 reps, 4 each | No equipment]

In a boat position, with both torso and legs at a 45-degree angle, begin to lower and lift your legs 4 times, while keeping your torso stationary. Next, keeping your legs stationary, lift and lower your torso 4 times.

13.) Flying Warrior [4 per side | 2 dumbbells]

Standing on oneleg, with a dumbbell in each hand, raise both dumbbells in front of your torso at shoulder level. Lower both weights and come into warrior 3, bringing the weights out to the side, until they are parallel to the floor.

14.) Squat Rockers [ 20 total | 1 Dumbbell]

In a deep squat, with the weight at chest level, begin to rock back ans forth between high heels and lifted toes. Keep your chest lifted and abs pulled in

15.) Side Rise Punch [ 10 each side | 1 Light Dumbbell]

On your left side, with your right arm on the floor and your left arm holding a dumbbell, cross your arms over your torso. Extend your right arm, lifting your torso off the ground, and reach your left arm out from under and extend to punch parallel to yout shoulders.

16.) Warrior Squat Moon [ 8 each leg | No equipment]

on your right leg, with your left leg extended behind you at hip height, reach your right fingertips to the floor and extend your left arm to the ceiling. Turn your torso toward the floor and reach to the front of the room.