P90X3 Workouts 13 Through 18 , An Overview

P90X3 Workouts 13-18

The Workouts- Introductionp90x workouts

The unique variety of workouts you’ll find in P90X3 are not just to keep you from getting bored. They are an integral part of the science. From an almost endless pool of possibilities, the various “modalities” chosen become part of the Muscle Acceleration system were rigorously screened for not only individual effectiveness, but for how they integrate with each other and for how they progressively overload your system to force adaptation over the course of 90 days.

Check out these P90X3 Workouts Below:


This is a Mixed Martial Arts routine where submission is not an option. Combining karate, kenpo, jiu-jitsu, judo, and tae kwon do, this martial arts-based cardio workout does a lot more than increase your heart rate. In MMX you’ll burn fat by taxing your upper-body strength, core power, leg endurance, and flexibility. Plus, you’ll learn a new way to let your aggression out!

Eccentric Upper and Eccentric Lower

Referred to as, “negatives” in gym vernacular, your one-word synopsis for these workouts will probably be “pumped.” Time under tension is the key to creating the greatest hormonal releases to induce hypertrophy, or muscular growth. In these workouts you’ll slow down the eccentric (or negative) half of each movement until you’re begging for mercy. Concentric is when the muscle shortens, eccentric is when it lengthens. During each exercise you’ll focus on the later because it recruits more muscle cell motor units than the concentric half, resulting in the biggest testosterone bang for your time-under-tension buck.


Most athletic injuries occur on landing, not during takeoff, which is why a University of Southampton study concluded deceleration training is a must for general fitness training programs. Decelerator focuses on this type of training, using strategic angles to force loads on different parts of your anatomy, thus increasing your ability to stabilize and protect muscles, connective tissues, and joints. It also focuses on the strength and explosive power associated with launching into a move, creating a balance between your ability to go up strong and come down safe.

Cold StartP90X3 Workouts 13-18

Every workout should begin with a warm-up. And when you’re sore, tired or in a chilly climate, a slightly longer warm-up can make the difference between a great workout and injury. Cold Stat will increase your heart and respiratory rates, warm up muscle tissues, warm up joint synovial fluid, prepare your neurological system for movement, and get you psychologically prepared fir the work ahead. Oh, and it also feels really good.

Complex Upper and Complex Lower

To be elite, you must be efficient-and complex training is first and foremost about efficiency in all areas: musculoskeletal strength, muscle elasticity, dynamic movement patterns core functionality, and mobility. These complex workouts are designed around the science of Post-Activation Potentiation, which requires a weighted resistance exercise followed by an explosive movement. Studies as far back as the 60s confirm that a heavy contraction exercise done prior to an explosive movement enables activation of high-threshold muscle cell motor units ( how we define muscular efficiency) which translates into absolute strength or power. Done strategically, these workouts-to put it simply- make you move better. They’re the definition of higher, stronger, faster.

X3 Ab Ripper

Welcome to the latest incarnation of abdominal hell, which not only focuses on your rectus abdominus ( thats where your washboard is) but also transverse abdominal and internal AND external obliques. This 15 minute trunk burner extreme is for those times when you absolutely, positively need to take your core strength to the next level. Think of X3 Ab ripper as your eight-pack bonus.

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