P90X3 Fit Test Overview

P90X3 Fit Test Overview

What is the P90X3 Fit Test? Why Do I Need To Do it?

Before beginning an extreme fitness program like P90X3, it’s important to be sure that your level of fitness is adequate. P90X3 is an intense program and a certain entry level of fitness is required. Try to provide an honest assessment of your abilities, because doing the wrong program will slow down your progress. If you can’t meet the minimum requirements outlined in this Fit Test, an intro program- like Power 90 or 10 minute trainer- will provide you with better results and help prepare your body for P90X3. You may notice that this is the exact same Fit Test you took for P90X and P90X2. Even though P90X3 is a different program, you’ll want to use the same movement patterns and measurements to track your progress. P90X3 Fit Test Overview

Important Note: Do this test a few days before your official “Day 1.” The Fit Test takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. Be sure to preform all the exercises consecutively in the order they appear. Keep up with the timing, and make a note if you do anything differently, you’ll repeat this Fit Test when you complete P90X3, so it’s vital that you’re able to do it the same way, in the same order. That way you’ll get a true indication of the improvements you’ve made. Pat attention, and be honest with yourself!

What You’ll Need to Take The Fit Test 

  • Stopwatch or Heart Rate Monitor
  • Body Fat Tester or Caliper
  • Tape Measure
  • Scale (calibrated to 0.0 lbs)
  • Partner to help record data (optional)
  • Chin-Up Bar ( securely installed)
  • Dumbbells or resistance bands
  • Towel
  • Water
  • P90X App (optional)

Resting Heart Rate

You’ll want to monitor your morning resting heart rate throughout this program. This is a good indicator if your overall cardiovascular fitness. If possible, take your resting heart rate as soon as you wake up (BEFORE GETTING OUT OF BED). Over the course of the program, your resting heart rate should drop. If it goes up a few days in a row, you may be over training or getting sick.

How to Take Your Resting Heart Rate

Put on your heart rate monitor. Be sure it’s secure and working correctly before beginning. Try to be as relaxed as possible when taking this reading. Remain calm and quite for 2 minutes, then record your resting heart rate. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, take your pulse from either your neck or wrist, and count the beats for 30 seconds. Multiply by 2 to get your resting heart rate. Do this on day “0” and day “90”

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