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P90 Saturday Special Workout Explained

P90 Saturday Special Calendar

P90 is the new workout program from the Beachbody team designed for fitness newbie’s or those who have been out of the workout game for a long time. It is a 90-day program specifically catered to those individuals who are intimidated about getting back into the swing of things with their fitness. The program incorporates […]

Complete Review of P90 From Beachbody

P90 review from Troy

What Can You Expect From P90? The Beachbody team recently unveiled a new workout program called P90 – and it is a highly unique program that targets a different group of fitness enthusiasts than their other programs. P90x and P90x3 are excellent workout programs designed to get you ripped very quickly. The only issue is […]

The Complete P90 SCULPT Workout Schedule

P90 Sculpt Schedule

P90 is Tony Horton’s new workout program designed for the “casual” athlete. Meaning there is a 50/50 chance you won’t be puking after the warm up. If P90X and P90X3 seemed a little to extreme for you, then P90 might be the solution you have been waiting for. The program comes with everything you need, […]