P90 AB Ripper Workout Review and Info

P90 Ab Workout

P90 is the new workout program from the fitness experts over at Beachbody – and has some distinct advantages over the other Beachbody workout programs. P90 is catered to fitness newbie’s or those getting back into shape after a long time off.P90 Ab Workout

The best part of the P90 program is that it caters to whatever level of fitness you are at. Since the program is broken down in 3 separate phases and includes modifiers for each exercise – you can get started on the 90-day program regardless of your current fitness level and you can do it anywhere!

P90 requires very minimal equipment. All three phases of the P90 workout program (Sculpt, Sweat and Ab Ripper) can be done from the convenience of your own home or even a hotel room while traveling.

This article is going to review the Ab Ripper workouts, which take place right after the sweat-based workouts in the P90 program. The workouts are also separated by Phases just like the sweat and sculpt workouts.

The Ab Ripper Workout in Phase A

Just 8 minutes long – but includes a wide variety of ab sculpting exercises. Believe it or not – you will get an incredible abdominal workout that will target your upper, middle and lower abdominals in just 8 minutes.

The abdominal workout in Phase A transitions very quickly through many different abdominal exercises and also includes a modifier for those who are not able to do the main exercise.

The workouts in Phase A should be perfect for those fitness newbie’s who haven’t been doing stomach crunches for years.

I went through all of the ripper workouts in Phase A last week and thought it was an excellent overall workout that will build you a solid base and core. These exercises in Phase A consisted of the following core sculpting exercises:

  1. Pacman
  2. Plantain Roll
  3. Ish Combo
  4. Rope Climber
  5. Pike Crunch
  6. Circle Crunches
  7. Bridge Crunch
  8. Triangle Crunches
  9. Roller Bike
  10. Bug Crunches

My favorite part of the this workout is the incredible variety that you get in each phase. The varieties of exercises will not only engage each section of your “six pack muscles” but also your V shaped torso and your oblique’s. These exercises will give you tremendous results over the course of the 90-day program.

If your serious about your abdominal muscle definition (and who isn’t?!) – then I suggest you perform the exercises at maximum intensity. Not only are these exercises going to help you sculpt and define your abdominal muscles but give you a strong core that will help you with all the other portions of the program.

I recommend that you do the P90 Ab Ripper workouts directly after your P90 sweat workouts when you are nice and warmed up.

Your core strength is one of the most overlooked aspects to fitness. Aside from the aesthetic benefit of having a great looking set of abdominals – you will want to have a strong core to prevent lower back and other injuries associated with full body complex movements.

Your core is engaged in many different resistance exercises in Sculpt and also in the cardio based Sweat exercises – and building a rock solid core will be integral for developing a great fitness foundation over the duration of the P90 workout program.

The Ab Ripper Workouts in Phase B and Phase C

They last longer than the regimen in Phase A. You will expect to train your core for a tad under 15 minutes in Phases B and C. Given the foundation you establish in Phase A you should be able to get through the workouts in Phase B and C, and they of course offer a modifier for the exercises as well.

Overall the Ab Ripper workouts in the P90 program are fantastic and offer great variety. These workouts are very important for anyone looking to target belly fat and develop those sexy six-pack muscles during the P90 program.