P90 Saturday Special Workout Explained

P90 Saturday Special Calendar

P90 is the new workout program from the Beachbody team designed for fitness newbie’s or those who have been out of the workout game for a long time.

It is a 90-day program specifically catered to those individuals who are intimidated about getting back into the swing of things with their fitness.

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

The program incorporates a cardio-based regimen (sweat), resistance based regimen (sculpt) and the core sculpting workouts known as the “ab rippers.” What really makes the P90 program unique is the inclusion of the “Saturday Special” workouts that can really take your fitness results to the next level.

If you are serious about getting the maximum results over the 90-day period on the P90 program you should make sure you perform the Saturday Special workouts at maximum intensity. These unique and dynamic workouts will burn some major calories right before your day off.

What Is The Point Of The Saturday Special Workout?

The Saturday specials were designed to give you one final intense workout before your day off on Sundays. Tony Horton made sure to end the workout week with a bang, as these workouts are a combination of cardio and core work.

Think of these Saturday specials as a collaboration of the cardio based Sweat workouts with a whole lot of core work. For those fitness newbie’s that are looking to shed belly fat and enhance their abdominal definition, this is certainly the workout for you.

The Saturday special workouts can be done with absolutely no equipment just like the Ab Ripper and Sweat based workouts. Expect to exert a lot of effort however so make sure to bring a water bottle as I found myself sweating more during the Saturday special workouts than any other workouts in the P90 program.

The concept of “core cardio” will really take your fitness and weight loss to the next level. After going through these workouts myself I would have to admit that I thought the Saturday special workouts were more challenging than any other part of the P90 program.

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

The Saturday special workout starts with getting your entire body loose and ready to operate at peak efficiency – then the fun begins!

The Saturday Special workout that I enjoyed the most started with a Lateral Run to get the blood flowing then transitioned into some Press Jacks. Next was the twist and pivot, which was a great lower body workout I might add! Next an array of compound and core building cardio exercises such as the cross crunch kick, twist lunge, cross climbers, seated A twist and H rowers.  You are going to get an incredible variety of exercises that burn calories, stimulate fat burning and develop strength in your entire body during the Saturday special workouts.

I couldn’t believe what an amazing abdominal workout I got during the Saturday special as well. The concept of “core cardio” was new to me before the P90 program – but after going through the Saturday Special I definitely understood it!

Some other fun exercises during the Saturday special are the worm jumps, gump back, up and down cross crunch and the Sumo twister!

You will certainly be ready for a day off when you finish the Saturday Special workout.

Intimidated to try the Saturday Special workouts after reading this review? Don’t be! The Saturday special exercises include a modifier for each one – and as long as you are doing the modifier and pushing yourself each workout you will be able to get through the workout by the end of the P90 program.

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone