P90X3 Before and After Photos

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P90X3 Results

Many people are wondering if P90X3 is going to live up to all the hype. Judging from some of these result photos we would have to say that this is another workout that Tony Horton knocked out of the park.

What do P90X3 Accelerated Results Look Like?

C:\Users\Courtney\Pictures\p90x3\P90X3 Results from Victor M

Here is a photo from Jeremy age 29.

He gained 18 lbs of muscle in 90 days and lost 8% body fat. His claim to fame? Sticking to the diet plan and making sure he did every workout on schedule.

Jeremy Age 29 before and after P90X3 pictures

While the men pack on muscle, the women shred weight like crazy. Lauren M had been struggling to lose her pudgy stomach and as she says, “the fat on my face” for years. P90X3 was the answer for her. In just 90 days she managed to lose over 16 pounds and drop 12% body fat. Check out here before and after photos below.

P90X3 Woman Results

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