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p90x3 Diet

P90x3 Diet Plan

Like all BeachBody Workouts, one of the most important aspects is the nutrition plan. P90x3 is no different. In fact, the diet plan is typically the most important part. If you ignore the nutrition guide, you might as well not do the workouts. Sure you will see some improvement, but not nearly as much. If you are going to make the commitment to the workouts, you should commit to the diet as well.

 Rule 1- Food = Fuel

The P90x3 Diet is about teaching you to use foods as a source of energy, rather then a source of comfort or enjoyment. This program will put your body through 90 days of the most rigorous workouts it has ever experienced. It is vitally important to your success that you use the nutrition guide to give your body the foods it needs to recover, and make it through the program.

In fact, calling this a “diet plan” is almost incorrect. In most cases you will need to increase your daily caloric intake to keep up with the workouts. This really isn’t a time to diet at all, but it is time to change your eating habits.

Your body does not need things like refined sugars, sodas, artificial sweeteners, or processed foods. Actually, these food items typically hard your body, and hinder your ability to lose weight and gain muscle.


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