P90X3 Vs. HIIT Training- Which Is Better?


P90X3 vs. HIIT

You would have to be living under a rock the last few years to have not heard about p90x and high intensity interval training. They have both gained a ton of popularity as workout strategies to drastically transform your physique and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

P90x3 is the latest program from the Beach body team designed to get you absolutely ripped through a multitude of different workouts that help you sculpt lean muscle mass allDoes P90X3 use HIIT? over your body while simultaneously burning fat.

P90x3 utilizes a pull-up bar, resistance bands and a “muscle acceleration” strategy to help you sculpt your physique quickly. The goal with p90x3 is to build all of the muscles in your body while quickly helping you lose body fat.

High intensity interval (HIIT) training utilizes a specific type of cardio that works your body’s “fast twitch muscle fibers.” They are worked through a series of short bursts of maximum intensity energy. When you are performing an activity such as jumping or sprinting at 100 percent maximum intensity you are working your fast twitch muscle fibers – and this type of training ahs some incredible fat burning and muscle building benefits.

So how are P903 and HIIT similar? For one they are both very short workouts. P90xs is only a 30-minute workout and most high intensity interval training workouts are 20-30 minutes long at the maximum. Both of these workouts are highly intense and specialize in giving you the quickest results in the shortest amount of time. This means no more hour-long workouts in the gym.

Another similarity between P90X3 and HIIT Training

They both require very minimal equipment. While P90x3 requires that you have a pull up bar and some form of light resistance such as dumb bells or a resistance band, high intensity interval training requires zero equipment. This makes both of them highly convenient forms of exercise.

So how are they different you are probably thinking? Well let me 1st tell you that many of the exercises in the P90x3 program incorporate concepts from high intensity interval training. Many of the exercises require you to have short bursts of maximum intensity energy – and require jumping and short sprints. However the main goal of the P90x3 program is sculpting lean muscle mass all over while burning body fat – so the vast majority of the program involves different exercises that will help you accomplish this goal.

High intensity interval training can be thought of as a highly efficient form of fat burning cardio that your body would only be able to perform 2-3 times per week at maximum.

A complete high intensity interval training session is a grueling endeavor – and may leave you sore for 2-3 days. Sprint intervals are a very common way to perform HIIT – and will blast your quadriceps, hamstrings and hip flexors. You should think of high intensity interval training as a highly efficient form of fat burning cardio that is designed to stimulate your body’s most important fat burning hormones and increase your metabolism.

Research has shown that high intensity interval training will boost your body’s HGH and testosterone.

This is obviously vital for muscle building and fat burning.

The fat burning benefit is that it has been shown that your metabolism is increased for up to 24 hours following a high intensity interval training session. This means that not only are your muscle building hormones increased, but also you are a calorie-burning machine.HIIT

Ok – so what is the main difference between P90x3 and HIIT? Think of P90x3 as a COMPLETE workout program designed to maximize your body composition goals and help you build lean muscle mass and burn fat all over. P90x3 actually incorporates some HIIT – with close to 20 percent of the program incorporating HIIT exercises.

High intensity interval training is a great cardio complement to a strict weight training or body weight exercise program. Since HIIT is done almost entirely with your legs it will be hard to sculpt your upper body muscles performing HIIT. Since HIIT boosts your fat burning and muscle building hormones it is typically performed as a 2-3 day per week cardio regiment to someone who is weight training frequently.

P90x3 is designed to transform your whole body and is a one-stop shop for complete body transformation. It is also formulated so you can workout 5-6 days per week on the program.

Since high intensity interval training is highly intense – you are only able to perform it 2-3 times per week as a fat burning complement to your main workout program.

If you are looking for a complete program that incorporates integral components of high intensity interval training into a full body workout regimen designed to sculpt lean muscle all over – P90x3 is the ideal choice for you.