Katherine Langford Weight Loss and Skincare Secrets For You!

Katherine Langford or Hannah Baker is on everyone’s mind right now. Hannah Baker’s face is haunting my memory ever since I have finished watching the first season of “13 reasons why”. It is a new series being broadcasted on Netflix right now. Almost everyone is watching or has watched 13 Reasons Why. The internet is flooded with reactions, videos, quotes and memes about the show. Katherine Langford has received stardom from this Netflix Originals series. She was a little known actress from Australia before she received her shot at 13 Reasons Why. In the series, she plays Hannah Baker, a teenager who commits suicide because of depression. The series depicts how bullying and peer pressure take a toll on the mental balance of a teenager and can drive her to commit suicide. The issues which Hannah Baker faces are very real and everyone relates to them. Each one of us has faced bullying and peer pressure at some point of our lives. The show is a mirror to today’s society in which one cannot even have a little desire of having real friends or someone who cares. Katherine Langford has instantly become extremely popular with her appearance as Hannah Baker. Now, you must be wondering how Katherine looks so radiant and fit all the time! Keep reading below to know some Katherine Langford weight loss and skincare secrets:


Katherine Langford – Early Life

Katherine Langford was born and brought up in Australia. She studied at Perth Modern School in Subiaco, Western Australia. She started her performing arts career very early. She graduated from high school in 2014 where she also received a musical theatre diploma. She did her major in Musical Theatre from Principal Academy of Dance and Arts. After this, she also went on to attend Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting.


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Katherine’s Experience of Playing Hannah Baker

Katherine played the role of Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why. Most people have been commenting on the internet that her face sends chills down their spine whenever they think of her. Her innocent face and the intriguing story casts an eery impression on everyone’s mind. However, it must have been extremely tough for Katherine to deal with being Hannah in the show. Katherine told E! News about her challenging experience of playing Hannah. She says “I used to watch a lot of The Office. I couldn’t even visit home back in Australia in between the shoots so I had to cope with everything all alone”. Katherine has also been fond of playing the piano since her teenage years. She shares that she started playing the piano after attending a Lady Gaga concert. Thus, during the shoots of 13 Reasons Why, she used to go back to her North Carolina apartment and play piano. She says “I bought a piano for $50 and played and played it as soon as I got back home. I am sure I disturbed a lot of people living on the same floor.”

katherine langford weight loss

Katherine Langford’s Diet Plan

Katherine is extremely fit and has an amazing skin. The lean body and the glow on her skin speak volumes about her balanced diet and healthy eating habits. Katherine believes in green vegetables and fibrous fruits the most. She prefers eating as many salads (without dressing) and fruits as she can. Katherine says that greens and fruits not only help with the metabolism of the body but also help maintaining glowing skin. Apart from vegetables and fruits, Katherine also includes protein rich food in her diet. She consumes boiled or grilled chicken, fish and boiled eggs regularly. She stays away from refined foods like refined flour or rice. Her trust lays on brown rice and non refined wheat flour.


Katherine Langford Weight Loss Workout Routine

In spite of hectic shoot schedules, Katherine always makes sure to workout at least 4 days a week. Her regular workout includes a lot of cardio. Her weight training also helps in keeping her fit and in shape. She has always been a lean girl since childhood. However since her teens she has been taking care of her diet and workout routine in order to maintain her weight. She also thinks that it doesn’t harm if you allow yourself a weekend off but do take care to maintain a schedule on rest of the days of the week.


Will Katherine Make an Appearance in 13 Reasons Why Season 2?

There have been several speculations about the 13 Reasons Why Season 2. At the end of the 1st season, Clay whose character is played by Dylan Minnette hands over Hannah’s voice tapes to the school teacher. It is being guessed that the 2nd season will witness another side of Hannah’s story. It could be from the point of view of another student who bullied or hurt her. It could also be the story from Clay’s angle. The speculations are rife and nobody actually knows what is going to happen. However if you cannot contain your excitement and MUST know what happens next, you can buy the book 13 Reasons Why written by Jay Asher. The Netflix series have been produced by Selena Gomez and her mother Mandy Teefey. It is also said that Katherine wasn’t really interested in having a public Instagram profile but Selena convinced her to have one.


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