Karen Gillan Weight Loss Tips & Tricks

Karen Gillan is the porcelain-skinned Scottish beauty who’s being loved by everyone. This lady with glowing skin and crimson hair is a heartthrob. Her looks and body are admired by people all over the world. She looks gorgeous even after baring her head in Guardians of the Galaxy. We will share some Karen Gillan Weight loss tips with you in this post. Keep reading below:

Karen Gillan’s Early Life

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan was born in Inverness, Scotland to Marie (Peterson) and John Gillan. Her father is a singer and recording artist. Being exposed to performing arts since a very young age, she realised her love for acting early in life. She was active in the theatre groups at school and also took part in various productions. At the age of 16, she had already decided that she will pursue a career in acting. After that, she joined the Performing Arts Studio in Scotland and trained under the renowned artist Scott Johnson. Post that, she joined the reputed Italian Conti Academy in London.


Karen Gillan’s Acting Career

Karen Gillan landed her first role in 2000 during the first year of her struggle. It was in Rebus (2000). Post that, she appeared in a number of shows including Stacked (2008) and The Kevin Bishop Show (2008). Her big break was a two-year stint in the popular and long-running show Doctor Who (2005). She was also spotted in the movie Outcast in the year 2014.

For her current role in Guardians of the Galaxy, she had to shave her head off. She has always been known for her beautiful crimson red hair. She shares that in her early days in the industry, she was teased and looked at for being a redhead. She felt unusual because back in Scotland, there are a lot of red-heads. However as she got acquainted in the industry, she became famous for her red hair and porcelain skin.

Karen Gillan Diet Plan

For her role in Guardians of the Galaxy, she was actually asked to gain muscle. She had to come across as a healthy and fit warrior. She was put on a strict protein diet. Gillan shares that bread and dairy in her diet were replaced with a lot of protein. The food items she started eating had a lot of chicken, fish and eggs. She still follows her protein diet and tries to stay away from consuming too many carbs and fats. After the film, she has started eating bread again but hasn’t let go of her healthy diet completely. Gillan says – ” My idea sandwich would have avocado, chicken, pepper and bread with seeds”.

Her diet plan mainly consists of protein-rich foods and no fried/oily food. The idea behind her role in Guardians and the Galaxy was to build a fit and healthy body. She has succeeded in it through a proper diet and a very strict workout regime. Check out her workout regime below.

BBC America

BBC America

Karen Gillan Workout Plan

One of the top Karen Gillan weight loss reasons is her strict workout plan. In addition to eating the right things, she was subjected to a proper workout plan. In addition to the usual cardio and weight training, she also follows a fight training routine. During and before her role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Gillan had to go through a proper fight training routine. This helped her to build muscle further and become stronger. She actually developed biceps and her stomach muscles got all flexed up. She says she started feeling healthy and powerful due to the training. After the movie, she has been carrying on with her workout routine as it was except the fight training part. She says she has got addicted to staying fit and having a healthy body.


Shaving it Off for The Movie

Karen Gillan had to shave her head off for her character in Guardians of the Galaxy. When asked if it was a horrifying experience, she says that it was kind of scary but it was funny too. She recalls that everyone on the sets was behaving creepily that day, giving her extra compliments because her head was about to be shaved off. She was scared too. However, she fell asleep on the chair and woke up two hours later with a bald head. After the initial eery feeling settled in, she actually started feeling confident and bold about the move. According to beyouthful.net, Gillan says:

“It’s an interesting experiment in life to take the one thing people would use to describe you and get rid of it. It’s a total identity change. I love the transformational aspect of being an actor and it’s good to do something so extreme.”

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