Amber Riley’s Weight Loss Tips For You!

Glee was one of the most loved faux comedy shows in the history of television. It was broadcasted during 2009 – 2015 and ran six successful seasons that were full of drama, emotions and comedy. We were also in love with Amber Riley who played the role of Mercedes Jones in the show. Do you remember Riley? Have you seen her recent photos? Well if you haven’t, this is the gossip – Amber Riley has lost more than 2 dress sizes! Yes, the fat (and cute!) Riley is now fit and sexy. We have sneaked all the information related to Amber Riley’s Weight Loss and presenting it down below. Keep reading!


Amber Riley’s TV Career & Journey

Amber Riley has always been the chubby girl next door. She was born in Los Angeles, California. She was always a confident child. As a result of which, she contested in the American Idol Season 2 at the age of 17. Her singing dreams were shattered when she was turned down by the American Idol Producers. Soon after, she was casted in the TV show Glee as Mercedes Jones. The show ran 6 seasons which were adored by the American audience. During and post Glee, Riley also appeared in several other TV Shows. She won three Teen Choice Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in Glee.

Riley also went ahead to fulfil her singing dreams. She performed at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Riley also tried her hand at dancing in the year 2013 by participating in the 17th season of Dancing With the Stars. She was declared the winner of the dance reality show that year!


Amber Riley’s Miraculous Body Transformation



Amber Riley has lost almost 2 dress sizes after her miraculous body transformation. She has become a total Diva after the major weight loss. Losing all the extra weight has not only made her healthier but has also enabled her to wear any dress she wants without worrying about the flab. Now she looks extremely graceful in whatever she wears. So, let’s check out how was she able to achieve the feat.


Amber Riley’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

As per several sources close to her, Riley is in favour of getting rid of all kinds of junk food and consuming only nutritious food. She says that a weight loss regime starts when you stop eating junk. Riley also shares that as a teenager, all she ate was junk food. She was addicted to eating burgers, pizzas and loads of soda. However, her moment of realisation arrived when she had to visit the doctor due to severe stomach aches. She was then told by the doctor that she would have to control her diet otherwise things might get serious. The visit served the purpose of a wake up call for Riley. Post that, she not only controlled her diet but also started regular work out.

Riley eats nutritious food and stays away from unnecessary consumption of carbs. She makes sure to include lots of protein rich items in her diet which include fish, eggs & chicken. She also stays away from eating fried food. Instead, she prefers boiled food items. Consuming a lot of raw vegetables, fruits & super foods like chia seeds, flax seeds has also helped her reduce weight.

amber riley's weight loss

Amber Riley’s Workout Routine

Amber Riley not only eats right, but also works out at least 3-4 days a week. Her routine includes a lot of cardio and weight training. She has also be known to be practising aerobics and Yoga to get rid of that flab. Riley remembers that she was extremely unhealthy when she first hit the gym. Her stamina was next to nothing and thus it was very difficult to build it up.


Post Weight Loss Pictures & Life of Amber Riley


Riley’s weight transformation took place while she was a part of the Glee series. Riley told People Magazine that post her 7 month health kick, the costume department had to replace her wardrobe due to her new size. Dropping two sizes isn’t a small thing and everyone was completely surprised when they saw the new Riley.

Riley now regularly follows the healthy regime which she did at the time of her weight loss. She thinks that she owes it to her body. When People Magazine asked about how Riley felt before the transformation, she said “I’ve always been comfortable in my size. I just decided it was time to get healthy”

If Amber Riley can follow a strict diet and workout regime in spite of her busy routine, you can do it too! Try to follow Amber Riley’s weight loss tips and see the miraculous transformation that follows!



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